Browning Talon Aluminum Ammo Case

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A way to keep your ammo in good shape. The Talon Ammo Case is a sturdy case designed to securely haul boxes of shells to the range. Sturdy, attractive, and convenient, it comes with a shoulder strap to keep your hands free for carrying your other gear. 

Aluminum and composite toughness. But it is the tough anodized aluminum frame with composite panels that gives it raw toughness. The convoluted foam padding inside protects your ammo and  holds the boxes in place so they won't shift and receive damage. Not a big deal to some shooters, but huge if you are a serious competitor. An extreme level of sturdiness . . .  yet this little case is compact and good looking. 

Exterior Dimensions 13.5 x 11.75 x 5

Weight 4 lbs 11.2 oz