Kimber Tactical Custom II 1911 45ACP Semi-Auto Pistol New

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  • 5" barrel, full-size grip

  • Fixed night sights

  • 30 LPI front strap checkering

  • Ambidextrous thumb safety

  • Extended magazine well


The Tactical Custom II .45 ACP is a refined lightweight, full-sized pistol for duty and personal defense. Standard features include rounded and blended edges that will not snag on clothing or holsters, 30 lines-per-inch checkering on the front strap and under the trigger guard for a positive grip and Meprolight 3-dot (green) night sights that offer a positive aiming point regardless of light conditions. The premium KimPro II finish on the frame is both self-lubricating and extremely resistant to moisture and salt, an important advantage for a pistol that might be used in a harsh environment and not cleaned regularly. Like all Kimber pistols, the slide and frame of the Tactical Custom II are mated early in production and travel through the factory together, ensuring the very best fit of every part.