Cordova Small Cooler

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Cordova's rugged look is capable of going on any adventure. The Cordova Small Cooler is unlike all rotational molded coolers on the market today. The Small Cooler is perfect for tailgating and overnight camping trips. This cooler is comparable to the Yeti 35-45. 

Every Cordova Cooler purchase includes a 4oz sampler of our world class cleaner, deodorizer and odor eliminator. A must-have for any adventurer committed to keeping their Cordova Cooler looking good and free from odors and bacteria.

10 lbs. of ice
7 gallons
28 cans (2:1 ice to contents ratio)

Inside dimensions:

18.00" Length
8.75" Width
10.00" Height

Outside dimensions: 

26.25" Length
14.25" Wide
16.00" Height

Weight: 19.50 Pounds